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Buried flexible steel structures MultiPlate, SuperCor, UltraCor are used for the construction of culverts, bridges, underpasses, overpasses, tunnels and animal under and overcrossings (for over 100 years). They are also very common in re-lining applications to renovate existing structures. Steel structures are made of galvanized corrugated steel plates with spans reach more than 30 m. MultiPlate, SuperCor, UltraCor structures are simple and easy to assembly. Soil-structure interaction between steel structures and surrounding backfilling allow the structures to take all kinds of motorway and railway loads. Advanced anti-corrosion protection and proper design will allow for 100 years lifetime of service.

For more technical information contact local ViaCon company.

Contact local ViaCon company

Helically corrugated steel pipes HelCor and pipe-arches HelCor PA are ideal solutions for culverts, small underpasses and other industrial applications like ventilation or vertical shafts etc. The range of diameters is 300 mm- 4500 mm. Installation time for HelCor and HelCor PA is much shorter than for concrete pipes. Easy and quick assembly helps in limiting time for construction of culverts or other structures,  allowing to contractor to install the culvert in stage without stopping the traffic. Advanced anti-corrosion protection systems satisfy 100 years lifetime of service. Construction of culverts with the use of HelCor and HelCor PA is more economical than traditional concrete culverts. They are designed to take high traffic loads.

For more technical information contact local ViaCon company.

Contact local ViaCon company

Geosynthetical products are made of polymeric or natural material and they are widely used within construction applications. These innovative materials can be used in various applications in geotechnical, environmental and hydraulic engineering. Geosynthetics can provide a solid engineering solution and extended lifetime for structures. ViaCon provides a complete range of geosynthetics like: nonwoven geotextiles, woven geotextiles, geogrids, natural erosion control mats, asphalt reinforcements, erosion control products, geomembranes, bentonite liners and many different types of geocomposites. ViaCon – the market leader in geosynthetics, is creating innovative engineering solutions using latest application knowledge on every type of civil engineering challenge.

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Our plastic pipes are used for culverts as well as for storm sewers. They are designed to take motorway and railway loads. The unique structural wall allows to get the optimal stress distribution within the whole pipe length and ensure the proper ring stiffness (SN6 and SN8 for PECOR OPTIMA and SN8 for Pecor Quattro) on each section. Smooth inside wall of pipes made of polyethylene (HDPE) – PECOR OPTIMA and polypropylene (PP) – Pecor Quattro, allows to achieve good hydraulic parameters. PECOR OPTIMA pipes are produced in diameter ranging DN/ID 300 – 1200 mm and Pecor Quattro DN/ID 200-1000 mm.

For more technical information contact local ViaCon company.

Contact local ViaCon company

ViaCon also offers a wide range of other products from different groups, such as:

  • Railway implementation and application materials;
  • Temporary and permanent Acrow bridges;
  • Environmental protection products;
  • Retaining walls;
  • Water and sewage products;
  • Storm sewage systems and retaining tanks.

For more technical information contact local ViaCon company.

Contact local ViaCon company

About Us

ViaCon was founded in 1986 in Sweden and Norway, with a focus on sales, engineering and manufacturing of corrugated steel structures. Today, ViaCon Group encompasses more than 30 companies in 18 countries in Europe, the CIS and the Middle East.

The Group manufactures flexible corrugated steel and plastic pipes as well as corrugated steel structures used to build culverts, bridges, animal crossings and tunnels. Our signature products include large span structures, for which we are the sole producer in Europe. With a focus on designing and engineering innovative solutions, ViaCon’s product range has expanded to plastic pipes, geosynthetics, and in some markets a complete range of products for water and sewer systems.

Our customers include large multinational contractors, national road and railway agencies, and small local businesses. ViaCon is the technology leader in Europe. Our R&D activity includes active cooperation with governments and universities to create state-of-the art products and solutions.

Environmental awareness, health, and safety are key features of our design process, and our products comply with national standards and follow international codes. Since 2010 ViaCon Group has been part of SafeRoad Group.


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